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Services for Couples

Marriage and relationships are hard. This is evidenced in our society by a divorce rate that exceeds 50%. Most couples struggle at one point or another. Some couples overcome this struggle and go on to lead happy lives. Many do not. It is my belief that most marriages and partnerships can, and should be saved. I offer a range of couple counseling services designed to give couples the insights and tools necessary for happy, healthy relationships.

Effective Models:  What does a healthy, caring relationship look like?

Communication: Effective and productive communication skills designed to facilitate conversations of “love and truth,” as well as effectively manage conflict.

Shared Visions: How to come together as a couple without sacrificing the individual.

Fairness: How to effectively balance both the advantages and burdens of the relationship.
Parenting. How to work together as a team to nurture happy children.


Comprehensive Services

Premarital Counseling: Start your life together equipped with the tools necessary for success.

Marriage Counseling: Work out your challenges in a caring and supportive environment, building a relationship based upon a your unique desires.

Blended Families: Learn the tools necessary to effectively parent while building new, happy, caring relationships.

Decision Counseling: Should you stay together? Make this serious decision based upon careful insight and reasoning, not emotional reactivity.

Divorce Counseling: Divorce can be emotionally and financially destructive not only for you, but your children as well. Learn how to minimize these destructive effects of divorce so that you and your children may move on productively.

Post Domestic Violence Counseling: A number of marriages are strained by the specter of domestic violence. I offer counseling to couples that have gone through this experience. If you have successfully completed domestic violence perpetrator treatment and been verifiably violence free for six months I offer couples counseling designed to rebuild your relationship.

Gay and Lesbian Couples: Build a happy and productive life together.

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