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Today's business environment is competitive and stressful. This stress sometimes translates into behavioral and relationship difficulties for employees that not only reduce morale, but productivity as well. Domestic and workplace violence, inappropriate anger, and harassment are all problems that plague many businesses, both large and small. Sometimes valuable employees have difficulty getting along with one another and this friction can affect the bottom line. Additionally, family problems can adversely affect your employees.


To address these and other behavioral challenges I have prepared training and counseling solutions tailored to assist your people to meet their potential.


All of the trainings include a multimedia presentation, lecture, and hands-on, experiential training using real issues that are affecting your organization.

Training Solutions


Counseling Solutions


Training Solutions

Domestic Violence: This one or two-hour training is designed to present the latest information on this serious problem that affects one in ten women and one in fourteen marriages. The training is presented from the perspectives of the perpetrator, the victim, and the children with special emphasis on early detection and intervention. Blending multimedia, lecture, and open discussion this training will leave your personnel informed and sensitive to this broad societal issue.

The Angry Employee: Preventing Workplace Violence. One just has to review recent headlines to see the devastating effect workplace violence has on businesses. Recognizing and effectively dealing with the angry employee is becoming an imperative for today’s business. This two-hour seminar assists supervisors and managers in identifying angry employees and intervening in appropriate and effective ways. It also discusses useful and productive ways of terminating employees in such a way as to reduce resentment and lower the potential for violence or retribution.

Effective Conflict Management: Conflict is unavoidable. Competing ideas and visions as well as implementing new policies and procedures virtually assure conflict in any business environment. Occasionally two key employees simply lack the ability to get along with one another. Often this friction dissolves into long-term resentment that hurts both morale and effectiveness. This training shows both employees and managers how to effectively communicate and disagree in a productive way that eliminates resentment and leaves both sides feeling heard and understood, fostering teamwork.

Counseling Solutions

The Problem Employee: From time to time every business is faced with the issue of dealing with the problem employee. Sometimes it is a productivity issue, other times it is hostility, anger, or the inability to get along with coworkers. In any event this type of behavior can cause low morale and loss of productivity throughout the work unit.

I provide solution-focused counseling designed to assess and assist the challenged employee. Often these people were once productive, but have gotten off track. Together we examine the issues surrounding the employee’s behavior and develop a plan to put the employee back on track and to once again become a valued member of your team.

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