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Adult and Adolescent Asperger's Counseling

The adult and older adolescent with Asperger’s Disorder presents unique challenges to both family and school. Frequently not properly diagnosed or diagnosed late in adolescence these people often find themselves lost in a maze of competing social and occupational demands they are ill-equipped to handle. Often, this results in a seeming lack of ambition and social isolation. Often, they live with parents or relatives and rarely venture out. These folks want productive friendships and relationships, but do not know how. Many want productive and meaningful work, but have no idea how to obtain it.

I offer services to the older adolescent and adult with Asperger’s Disorder that wishes to explore their potential. I offer structured, step-by-step training in social skills, occupational skills, and independent living specifically geared toward Asperger’s Disorder. I offer both individual, and group sessions tailored to each client’s unique needs.

I work with teens and adults in a non-judgmental and non-pathologizing manner to developing the social skills and techniques necessary for them to succeed and lead productive, independent lives. Whether the goal is to go on to college, get a job, or just to live independently, I can assist in helping to gain the skills necessary to move on, while also offering the emotional support to deal with the inevitable anxiety that “going out there” produces.
I also work with the family to both educate and to take part in the development of the individual’s unique gifts and talents. I can also work with school officials to craft appropriate and effective IEP’s

I offer a step-by-step program to:
• Develop social skills applicable to relationships and work.
• Reveal and develop special talents and interests.
• Formulate a plan for success.
• Provide emotional support.
• Help the family deal with the stresses and worry.


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